Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trick or Treat Card

We've got some fun projects coming up for you in the near future, and to start, here's a great fun Halloween card we made using just some cardstock and Paper House paper, stickers & mini cut-outs.

P-0176 Spider Shadow Paper
STCX-0098 Trick or Treat Cardstock Sticker
ST-2180EZ Pumpkins 2" StickyPix Sticker
DCM-0008 Jack O' Lantern Mini Cut-Out
DCM-0007 Witch's Hat Mini Cut-Out

1 Sheet of White Cardstock
Orange and Black Ribbon

  1. Trim white cardstock to 6.5 x 10" and fold in half to make card base (5 x 6.5").
  2. Mount a piece of the Spider Shadow paper to the front of the card (we used the bottom right corner to include the spider). Trim off excess.
  3. Place the Ghost sticker from the cardstock in the middle of the card.
  4. Glue the Witch's Hat mini cut-out to the top of the Jack O' Lantern mini cut-out. Adhere to left side of card with pop dots, overlapping the ghost slightly and letting a bit of the cut-outs hang over the edge of the card.
  5. Mount the Trick or Treat title of the cardstock sticker onto orange cardstock and trim around the shape of the sticker with scissors or a craft knife. Adhere to the card above above the ghost sticker with pop dots, placing at a slight diagonal.
  6. Stick the candy corn border of the cardstock sticker at a diagonal along the upper right corner of the card.
  7. Create a row of Jack O' Lanterns across the bottom of the card using the Pumpkins 2" sticker.
  8. Tie an orange ribbon around the card toward the bottom, running it underneath the Jack O' Lantern mini cut-out. Tie extra orange and black ribbon scraps around the knot to finish.
To see all of our fun Halloween scrapbooking products, check out our website! And be sure to check back for more fun cards and layouts (and giveaways!) coming up soon!

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