Thursday, December 18, 2008

Craft + Tech = Cool!

Well up until last week, we could honestly say that we'd never crafted a web page before! So check it out: The convergence of crafting and technology! We created this "scrapped likeness" of the Paper House Blog as a promo to be included in our brand new 2009 Scrapbook Catalog (coming very, very soon!)

By layering grey, white & blue pieces of paper onto our square, white textured background, we created the browser window: complete with a chipboard scrollbar and  bling-ed out close, min and max buttons! Then we printed out the blog header and tiny images of our papers for our "signature" house.  We popped the hand-written side bars, header, and house up with pop dots and there you have it: the perfect union between geek and creativity!

Now we wonder, have you ever crafted anything tech-y like this? If so (and we know we can't be the only ones!), leave a comment here about what you made or even better, a link to your project!

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