Monday, March 9, 2009

When life gives you Spilled Paint . . .

. . . make a lake! Okay, not quite the old "When life gives you lemons adage," but we thought it appropriate for this recent creation in the world of Paper House!

One day (and we won't name names) the creator of "Lake Jo Ann" had been painting and had forgotten to close the gallon. The result: A light blue puddle across the middle of a dark grey rug. Well, try as they might, the stain would not come out... So the creative people here at Paper House came up with another ingenious solution. Why not turn this misfortune into a creative endeavor?

And thus was the beginning of Lake Jo Ann.

The people of Paper House rejoiced, and soon began decorating the newly found body of water with a variety of readily available desktop items. First a duck appeared. And then a few rocks and a pony.... And now, you see it as it lives today. A fully inhabited diorama, complete with a glass display case in the middle of the floor of the office.
So next time, when life gives you lemons we say, "Get Creative!" Break out of the box and try something new. Sometimes the little accidents are simply a way of testing your imagination and challenging your mind!

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AltheaRR said...

You guys are so creative!!! When we were there it was just a lonely spot on the rug. Now it's a work of art and probably a good conversation starter!

Althea & Malissa
ADS, Inc.