Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Website Reorganization

So, since CHA we've been busy reorganizing our website. Everything is now much easier to find! We've overhauled the Themes section so that every little thing is in the perfect place, from family & fun to feminine floral! If you've never explored our scrapbooking side by theme, this is the perfect time to do it. Here you'll find all of your favorite Paper House products categorized exactly and intuitively. 

Take a minute to check it out and see which Paper House Themes you haven't yet explored! Our extensive Travel section is neatly alphabetized and we've combined all of your favorite family activities into a Family & Fun section. Also new is the Celebrations category (which covers milestones like baby, birthday, and graduation) and the Outdoor Life category, that combines all of our products related to outdoor activities!

We truly hope this reorganization has made navigating our website easier and more intuitive! Please feel free to give us any feedback, and enjoy!