Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We won! We won!

What makes a good time even better more than winning something?? The LOUIE awards (kind of like the Oscars, but for greeting cards, and gowns are optional), were held during the National Stationery Show last week.

Previously bragged and blogged about, Paper House Productions was nominated for FOUR of our extremely gorgeous and innovative Cut Out Cards.

This blogger was SURE that we'd sweep the LOUIE's and win for all four. So, what happened is that we won for one. I'm okay with that. Our winner is the Peace Sign Wreath Christmas Card!

So, retailers reading this should be sure to order this card (CDC25-5019E for counter cards and CDC25-5019X for boxed cards) for Christmas this year. And you can tell all your customers that this card WON AN AWARD!!! (Now if only we could get a picture of George Clooney holding it...)

Need more info? Call us at (800) 255-7316 or click at http://www.paperhouseproductions.com/.

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