Wednesday, July 7, 2010

'Tis Always the Season at Paper House!

Holidays in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall... Paper House has got 'em all! Check out our "tree" that is now appearing in the Greetings, Etc. trade magazine.....

I know. You're wondering how we can STAND to be around so much award-winning cuteness and beauty every day, right? The praise and the prizes haven't gone to our heads, though. We're still a fun and friendly company to work with!

Try adding your special creative touch to any of our cut out cards for a really quick card!

If our everyday blank cards look this great all dolled up, can you imagine how our seasonal cards would look dressed up for the holidays with some strategically placed glitter and accessories?
Celebrate every day with a Paper House card! Contact us anytime for more info on our Seasonal cards or see them all at

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