Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chicago, Chicago! It's my kind of town...

One of the perks of working for Paper House Productions is that I get to attend trade shows around the country (and now Canada!). During the Summer 2010 show circuit, I helped our reps at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, only this time I took a day to do some sightseeing. And, why not scrap my wanderings using our very own 12x12 papers and cardstock stickers in our Chicago Collection?

I cut out part of each 12x12 paper (Chicago Map P-0280E, Chicago Collage P-0281E), leaving a top edge of 1" and trimmed about 1/4" off the bottom to allow for the top edge of the cardstock to show. Each photo is mounted on cardstock (Recollections). Stickles glitter glue adds the bling to the two "Chicago" cardstock stickers (STCX-0068E). Two Millennium Park images from our cardstock stickers fill in the center portion on the right-side page, and various chipboard banners and frames used for photo captions add an interesting touch (thanks, Shaena!).

Something I like to do with projects from my travels is to add pieces of brochures, maps, and other souvenirs that I collect on my trips. On these pages, I made a pocket from the same cardstock used to mount my photos. I decorated the pocket with a portion of the guide book map on which the hotel's concierge marked his recommended sights, then stuck my ticket stubs in the pocket. The Art Institute of Chicago's logo from their brochure cover, mounted on black cardstock, not only adds color and interest but covers up a part of the photo I didn't want to show!

Where to next....?

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