Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hit the links and swing away, golfers... it's your month! If you're not a golfer, but you have an amateur Woods or Nicklaus in your life, send him a note on a blank Golf Ball card from Paper House Productions wishing him a happy Golf Month. Better still, give the gift of Golf in one of our Golf Gift Bags - complete with a full size blank Golf Ball Card!

If your golfer is lucky enough to have a birthday during Golf Month, we have a Golf Ball Birthday Card, too.
Crafters, you can create beautiful pages and special gifts using our Scrapbooking products featuring a Golf theme.

You may recall I am the world's biggest sports non-fan. That is why I could only think of two pro-golfers, both male. I haven't seen any female golfers in the news, which is my sports source.

I do, however, like sports movies. Remember Caddyshack? Who can hear Journey's "Anyway You Want It?" without thinking of this classic and super funny movie?

Anyway, have a swingin' good August!